Welcome to Tony's Table Tennis.

We started out as a community project to assist the South African Table Tennis community.
From there we saw many areas that required special attention in order for all of us to move forward - both on and off the table.
Thus we have aligned our company to focus on 3 areas:
- Tony's Table Tennis Shop. A Professional Shop to cater for all your equipment needs.
- Tony's Table Tennis Academy. A Professional Academy to cater for your "on the table" needs.
- Tony's Table Tennis Agency. A Professional Agency, to cater for your "off the table" needs.

Achievements to date, since June 2012:
- Open Shop - Done
- Open Academy - Done
- Open Agency - Done
- Free coaching - Over 500 hours to over 250 people (R100 000+ worth of coaching)
- Getting table tennis started in 5 schools - Done
- Donation of equipments - Done
- Financial donation to players - Done
- Sponsorships for players - Done
- Sponsorships for coaches - Done
- Sponsorships for teams - Done
- Sponsorships of tournaments - Done
- Player competing overseas professionally - Done
- Foreign professional team visiting - Done
- Shop Support:
* 20% (R19750.00) discount to WPTT in equpment sale (value of R98250.00 sold at R78500.00 on 10 September 2013)
* Many provincial bodies and clubs around South Africa has benefited from this.
* If you are a club/provincial body and require equipment for development needs, we are willing to sell "just above cost" to do our contribution for development purposes.

Yet to Achievet:
- Overseas Training Trip - In Progress
- Olympic level table tennis player
- Full time training centre/academy

Please feel from to browse the different Tabs above or if you have any queries, please contact us on - info@ttshop.co.za








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